Live Audio Online


Mixlr is a simple way to share live audio online. Broadcast using any source and invite others to listen and chat in real-time.

I worked as a Software Engineer from the middle of 2013 to 2014 at Mixlr, and collaborated with a small, early-stage team in developing the live audio broadcasting application. This experience enabled me to contribute my expertise in the full software development lifecycle, working closely with the founders, designers, and fellow engineers to deliver a seamless user experience. Our collective efforts led to the creation of an innovative platform, providing users with the ability to easily broadcast and engage with their audience through interactive chat functionality.

Embeddable Player

One of the most exciting projects was creating an Embeddable Player just in time for a very big broadcast...

mixlr embeddable player

You can read all about "What happens when Barack Obama uses your startup for a conference call?" on the Mixlr Blog.

Through diligent work and collaboration, our team ensured that the platform could accommodate an immense volume of users, providing a stable and reliable experience during significant events. This not only demonstrated our team's technical prowess but also reinforced the value and impact of the application in the live broadcasting industry.