Life vs. Triathlon

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What a week! With winter rapidly approaching and short cold dark days looming ever closer I thought I would try and get used to my training plan with a sample week from the don fink program. Well, looking back it wasn't that bad, but it was a matter of Triathlon vs Life!

the devils punchbowl

Juggling a full time job, 2 kids and an addiction to triathlon is not the easiest of tasks and time management is a skill that every weekend warrior has to develop. I managed to squeeze in a good 10 and half hours this week with a great ride to the coast and an amazing run over the devils punchbowl.

I try to complete the majority of my training in the morning before work so to have as little impact on my family life as possible. Creating enough time in my schedule to get every done is something I am constantly battling but I have found that preparation is the key. Getting everything ready the night before, packing bags, loading the car etc. Triathlon has taught me to be much more organised, not only about training but also in other aspects of my life. Getting the balance right is essential and as I start to plan my Ironman training program I am making sure there is plenty of time set aside for family days and trips with the kids !

I still haven't decided if I will enter the New Forest 100 mile bike ride in a couple of weeks, but I have committed to the Human Race Winter Ball Buster. I have never done a duathlon before so I thought it best to start with one of the toughest there is ! Hopefully I will get a chance to head over to Box Hill in the next couple of weeks for a bit of training as I think this is going to an absolute killer. I also set up my Just giving page for the Red Cross - not much there at the moment as I haven't had the chance to add in the details, but I am aiming to raise around £2,000 during this Ironman event, so if you can help raise money for a good cause - please sponsor me!