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  • I made it to Kona!

    How I finally qualified for Ironman Kona after ~10 years in Triathlon.

  • I am an Ironman

    Its been 4 days since I crossed the line on the Promenade des Anglais and I still cant quite believe it is all over. This was my first attempt at an Iron distance triathlon

  • Self Belief

    I didn't have time to write my weekly blog yesterday as I was completely engrossed in what was one of the most exciting finishes to a Grand Prix I have seen in sometime. Jenson Button

  • Personal Achievement

    Ever since starting this blog my aim has been to keep a personal diary so that people who are interested can check out the details of my journey to Ironman France.

  • Writers block

    It's not often that I'm stuck for words but sitting here staring at my computer I'm suffering from a severe case of writer's block.

  • Getting to the start line

    I sometimes forget just how lucky I am to be on this amazing journey. Training has been nuts the last few weeks and all too often I have found myself resenting entering this event.

  • Getting close now

    This has been a really tough week mentally. The day after finishing the Marshman I realised just how much I had stuffed up my program by pushing too hard during that race.

  • The Marshman

    I am a Marshman ! perhaps not quite as an impressive title as Ironman, but a title none the less. Some of you reading this may be thinking what the hell is the Marshman ? It is a half ironman race

  • Going Long

    With only 54 days until Ironman France the volume of training seems to have ramped up dramatically. When I started this journey I was following my training program

  • Get back on it

    Firstly I need to say a massive sorry for to anyone that has been following my progress so far, if there is any one left still reading this. It has been ages since my last post and I am really sorry for that.

  • Please Help

    I am raising money for the British Red Cross by participating in the 2011 France Ironman. The Red Cross are a volunteer-led humanitarian organisation that helps people in crisis

  • Spring is in sight

    The daffodils are sprouting and spring is just around the corner. It is considered a British obsession to talk about the weather, but since I started cycling it has begun

  • Zzzz 13 weeks of training

    I felt tired this week. 13 weeks into my training plan now and 17 to go it seems like a long way to the end. It was a very busy week with work, family and life, so sleep took a back seat

  • Recovery week - allegedly

    According to my trusty training plan, this week (week 12), was a 'recovery week'. Still managing to cover 9km in the pool, 142km on the bike, and 45km running it felt like a pretty solid training week.

  • Bricks

    I am actually glad this week is over, the step up in volume and introduction of bricks training has proven to be quite a leap.

  • Base training... done.

    10 weeks in and so far so good. This week concluded the base training program I am following from the Ironfit book and means that things are about to get a lot tougher.

  • Week nine, only 21 to go!

    I love it when a plan comes together. Well it really feels like it has started to come together this week, in terms of training that is!

  • Its all about the bike

    This week is definitely all about the bike as I finally took delivery of my much awaited Planet X Stealth. This is the bike I plan to use come June

  • Highs and Lows

    Well it wasn't all bad this week, it only ended with the low after what had been a really positive start. I am starting to see a pattern with my training

  • Winter Training

    Hooray... the snow is gone! Boo... the rain is here. It has been a very very wet week over the last 7 days and this meant lots of mud.

  • 2011, the road to IM France

    2010 has been a great year, I finished my first half Ironman, completed an Olympic tri in under 2:20 and more importantly than all of that my beautiful wife gave birth

  • Happy Christmas

    What a week! Another Christmas done and dusted. I Ate way too much and did far too little training this week, but it has to be done! With 6 months to go the diet officially starts from now

  • Even more snow!

    Minus 9! That is what my car told me this morning on the way to work. I can't believe just how cold it is getting, I had hoped that we had seen the last of the snow

  • Status update

    2 weeks gone and it really feels like it is flying past! In just 28 weeks time I will be stood at the start line of Ironman France. The weather is still crap but I have been making the most of what I can ...

  • 1 down 29 to go

    You gotta love the British winter! This was my first proper week of training and my detailed plan was a write-off as I struggled to get out in the snow! Monday is officially my rest day so it was a great way to start the 30 week build up, but had I known just how bad the weather would get I probably would have gone out.

  • Brrr...30 weeks to IM France

    It is cold, cold cold. Temperatures dropped to a shivering minus seven this weekend, with the prospect of starting my 30 week plan to IM France

  • Back in the saddle

    I think it is finally safe to say that my man flu episode is over. I am sure it has been said before but men certainly feel flu way more than women

  • Wipe out

    My 2010 training season came to an unplanned and rather abrupt end this week. A chronic case of what now looks like man flu

  • The Winter Ballbuster

    Done and busted, the winter ballbuster is a hell of a race. That was my final proper race for 2010 and I am glad to say it went better

  • Running down the canal

    Work commitments took me to Birmingham over the weekend and as such I couldn't get my usual long bike ride in.

  • Training Plateau

    I think my training has started to plateau. Don't get me wrong... I am not complaining here ! The plateau I have reached is consistently hitting

  • Back to running

    My legs are sore today. Although this was not such a big week in terms of volume

  • One hundred and eighty

    Summer is officially over ! What a wet week it has been, the prospect of winter training has now hit home

  • Getting fitter

    Its really easy to always look at where you want to be rather than where you have come from

  • Life vs. Triathlon

    What a week! With winter rapidly approaching and short cold dark days looming ever closer I thought I would try and get used to my training plan

  • Recovery week ...

    Well after around 9 months of training it was about time.

  • Why?

    Why set up this blog?...