Back in the saddle

2 min read

I think it is finally safe to say that my man flu episode is over. I am sure it has been said before but men certainly feel flu way more than women ! I was planning a week off training before starting my Ironman block but I didn't bargain on spending it sitting on the sofa sweating out a fever.

Anyway, I started back on Friday with a 3.5km swim where I coughed up what felt like my entire lungs. My shoulders were seriously loose but my times were down by about 20secs per 400m. Amazing how quickly you loose swim fitness. I completed a 95km bike ride on Saturday and the best thing about this was my new Easton EA90 TT wheels. They seriously make a difference, so much more solid, descending felt safer, cruising felt better and powering down felt easier and more efficient. They basically tick all the boxes. Just got to try and look after them with the harsh British winter that is approaching. Sunday I went for a long run, aiming for just an hour or so, it turned into an hour and a half as I underestimated my newly chosen route. A little off road and a little on road it was great to be in the fresh air again. My knee is giving me a bit of stick but hopefully that will clear up in the next few weeks as I get back into training.

This weekend was also the christening of my youngest daughter Isla. We had a lovely day with all the family there, Isla was on top form and is turning into a sweet little toddler. Camilla and I celebrated 3 years of marriage this week, I am so lucky to have such a wonderful wife. I couldn't do any of this without her and the support she gives me, so thank you Mills I'm looking forward to another 3 years !

Time is flying past at the moment, its Xmas in just over 4 weeks ! This weeks pic - my new wheels :-) Push-up challenge has been put on hold after the flu debacle, going to try and get back on that soon.