Wipe out

2 min read

My 2010 training season came to an unplanned and rather abrupt end this week. A chronic case of what now looks like man flu left me taking my end of year break a little earlier than expected.

On the way home from work on Thursday I felt like I had just been thrown into the northern sea. I had the heating on full blast in my car yet I still felt numb. I got home and pretty much sat in the fire wearing every jumper I owned but nothing helped. Eventually I warmed up and then I couldn't breathe ! This went on and on for 3 days during which time I ate hardly nothing and moved no further than the sofa to the loo. At certain points I felt like my head was going to explode and I would just die on the sofa, but as my wife kept reminding me it is just the flu ! I have never felt so crap in my life - at least I cant remember ever feeling so crap. I still have a shocking cough and fell pretty rough but at least the awful fever and headaches have gone for now.

I missed the 2nd Hampshire cross country 10km which was annoying as I really wanted to complete the series but I was in no state to run. The push up challenge has been put on hold as has all my training until I am over this flu thing. I hope to go out for a bit of a jog this weekend if I am felling better to clear my head but this "not training" is harder than I thought it would be.