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My legs are sore today. Although this was not such a big week in terms of volume, a high intensity 10km has really made my legs ache. I think this is a sign that despite my big endurance efforts over the last few weeks I have been taking it too easy and not pushing myself enough.

I did a normal Monday to Friday routine, including 9km of swimming, 2 hour long turbo session (I miss summer already!!) and a treadmill session. On Saturday I entered the race of the Hampshire Cross Country league. This was a grueling 10km course consisting of 4 laps of a forest just outside Winchester. Having only done 1 official running race before I am still very inexperienced in getting my pace right and in the excitement at the start I went off as though I was running a 200 meter sprint - big mistake ! After 5 minutes I was completely ruined. Having gained a fair few places in my sprint start, I then spent a soul destroying 35 minutes watching people overtake me as I faded with each lap. Eventually it was over though and I crossed the line in 43 minutes. Before the race I thought I was capable of a sub 40 time with a summer of training but I think all the long distance stuff of the last few weeks/months has really had an effect on my speed.

Pure running events are so different to triathlon. By the time you hit the run on the triathlon you are in a rhythm already and don't get caught up in a sprint start. Whilst I did really enjoy the race (after it had finished!) and it has obviously given me a good work out, it was nothing like a triathlon and I certainly didn't get the same buzz. Will I be bac for the next round at Goodwood ? still undecided at this stage... my main focus over the next 8 months is Ironman France and building a base level of fitness that will get me round a marathon. I do need to get back into running and plan to try and include more sessions through the week - as always time is against me !