Sadie turns 2 !!

2 min read

2 years old! My god that has gone quickly... I am so proud to say that my eldest daughter is turning into the most amazing little girl. Training took a step back this week as we celebrated another milestone in Sadie's life.

I managed to complete what has become the normal Monday to Friday routine (9km swim, 2 turbo sessions, 1 long treadmill run) and calmed it down a bit over the weekend so we could spend the time doing family stuff. It was good to ease off a little as my legs have been getting quite tight from the turbo trainer sessions. I did manage however to squeeze in a "winter ballbuster" specific session early Saturday morning. This consisted of a undulating 10km run, followed by an equally undulating 42km bike ride, before completing the same 10km run again. Knackered is not a strong enough word to describe how I felt after all of that. The ballbuster is a similar distance, but throws the infamous Box Hill into the mix , just to make it even tougher, gulp. After this session I was ruined but did give me the confidence to complete the race. I doubt I will post an impressive time on the day but to be honest I will be glad to just finish the race.

Anyway, back to the important stuff - Sadie's birthday. We had a party on Friday afternoon with all her friends which was absolute chaos but a lot of fun. Anyone with children will know that giving kids sugar in any shape or form results in an uncontrollable energy burst. I took notes from my little girl as she seemed to do an impressive circuit session around the house consisting of a mixture of sprints, climbing, screaming and short moments of tearing open presents. It was great fun but I think running a marathon would have been easier than keeping up with them all!

It is crazy to think how much has happened in the last 2 years and so exciting to think what the next 2 years could bring. I am so proud of my family and I am so lucky to have their support during this journey to the Ironman, I don't think I could do it with out them.

As a bit of a challenge over the next few weeks I have decided to try and complete 100 push-ups in one go. I started today and managed 14, the plan is to add 1 a day until I reach 100.... thats the plan anyway ;-) will update my progress on twitter.