Zzzz 13 weeks of training

2 min read

I felt tired this week. 13 weeks into my training plan now and 17 to go it seems like a long way to the end. It was a very busy week with work, family and life, so sleep took a back seat and as such I felt like I have not made the most of my training. I still managed to complete all the planned sessions but it has been done with a lack of enthusiasm and enjoyment. The weather has continued to be crap, cold and wet which hasn't helped either. But despite this negativity I do feel incredibly lucky to be able to do what I am doing and I am still really looking forward to getting to that start line on the 26th June, just gotta get a few good nights sleep to get back on track !

I have reached a massive £720 now for my sponsorship for the Red Cross - thanks again to everyone that has made a donation and please do tell your friends, family and anyone else you bump into !


3x3km sessions focusing on speed. I completed a number of of sprints sessions this week whilst trying to maintain pace. 10x50m sets completed in an average of 39 secs.


Lots on the turbo trainer again but made it out for a very hilly 90km ride over and around the downs in the rain. Running off the bike was really tough on saturday but I'm finding my legs are coming good after 15min or so, heart rate goes bananas though.


Clocked up a total of 50km this week over a number of sessions. Even managed a bit of running with Camilla as my Mum looked after the girls. Pacing seism to be working well but muscles seem to be really stiff at the mo - still need more stretching !