Spring is in sight

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The daffodils are sprouting and spring is just around the corner. It is considered a British obsession to talk about the weather, but since I started cycling it has begun to consume my every waking moment. So far I have only been stopped by the big snow falls we had, and I have always managed to find a way to do something (usually on a turbo trainer or running machine), but having a few dry days has made a hell of a difference to my motivation. I actually managed to cycle with just 2 layers on at the weekend and for the first time in ages on dry roads! Don't get me wrong I do enjoy crisp winter days and the stunning colours of autumn, but when it comes to training I would much rather it was summer all year round ! After last weeks burn out I have made more effort to rest in-between training and get a few early nights which has paid off hugely and resulted in a couple of unexpected PB's whilst swimming and running. So the training seems to be back on track and I have clocked up over 13 hours this week, the most training I have ever done in a week, but this is likely to be a record I break weekly from now until June... if all goes to plan.


The usual 3 pool sessions with focus on endurance this week. I completed a 3km time trial to see where I was at after what has felt like a sketchy last few weeks and was really pleased to come in at 49min flat.


All the usual turbo sessions with some running off the bike too, but my long ride was 105km this weekend on dry roads! (yes I do feel like I have to mention that again - it really does make a difference). During this ride I was harassed by 2 idiot drivers that felt it was a good idea to drive an inch off my back wheel and beep their horn rather than overtake on the clear road ahead. Whilst they are the only people that will ever understand why they felt inclined to do this, it does seem to be something I have naturally become more sensitive to since becoming a "cyclist". Jeremey Clarkson recently ranted about cyclists not paying road tax on Top Gear, but after a little examination it appears Road Tax has not existed since 1937. What we pay now is 'Vehicle Excise Duty' or Car Tax. Roads are actually paid for via general taxation and paying VED doesn't give motorists and special rights. However these facts can not be discussed with ease whilst you are being pursed by a lunatic in a ton of metal. Anyway, rant over, cycling was good this week aside from the crazies, loving dry roads but can it just get a little warmer please ?


Total of 58km this week over a number of sessions. I ran a thundering 13.5km in 54.36 on Friday during which I went through 10km in 40.45 (a run PB). This was a sort of onroad/offroad run with a slow start as I was not really aiming for a time, but has given me confidence that I could go sub 40 this year for a 10km - a goal I set myself back in January. It was back to reality on Sunday with an IM pace 20km run which seemed awfully slow at 12.5km/h pace, legs were tired too.

Overall my training felt much improved from last week so as I head toward the half way point of this training program I feel positive again.