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  • Spring is in sight

    The daffodils are sprouting and spring is just around the corner. It is considered a British obsession to talk about the weather, but since I started cycling it has begun

  • Winter Training

    Hooray... the snow is gone! Boo... the rain is here. It has been a very very wet week over the last 7 days and this meant lots of mud.

  • 1 down 29 to go

    You gotta love the British winter! This was my first proper week of training and my detailed plan was a write-off as I struggled to get out in the snow! Monday is officially my rest day so it was a great way to start the 30 week build up, but had I known just how bad the weather would get I probably would have gone out.

  • Brrr...30 weeks to IM France

    It is cold, cold cold. Temperatures dropped to a shivering minus seven this weekend, with the prospect of starting my 30 week plan to IM France

  • One hundred and eighty

    Summer is officially over ! What a wet week it has been, the prospect of winter training has now hit home