1 down 29 to go

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You gotta love the British winter! This was my first "proper" week of training and my detailed plan was a write-off as I struggled to get out in the snow! Monday is officially my rest day so it was a great way to start the 30 week build up, but had I known just how bad the weather would get I probably would have gone out.


Tuesday I got to the pool and pounded out a 3km session - I still have a dreadful cough  so this wasn't as good as I had hoped but I remember my swim training lulled a little this time last year in the winter. I didn't get a second session in until Sunday and this went a little better but I do need to get into a routine again as I find my swimming really falls off unless I go regularly.


This week saw my longest turbo session ever - 2 really long hours that seemed like 4! I watched a messed up Japanese film called Oldman as a distraction whilst doing 10 minute intervals with a 1 min rest. I also managed 2 1 hour sessions which I don't mind too much, but cant wait to get out again for a long ride.


1 30 minute tempo on the treadmill, 1 40 min snow run and a 18km long run. Although I hate running indoors treadmill sessions do seem to have a benefit as they really keep you on pace. The snow run was wicked , very slow and a little slippy but the low lying sun and stark white woodlands were breathtaking. My knee is still playing up with my new trail shoes and the 18km loop down to and around Longmoor didn't help matters !

I didn't manage any gym sessions this week but tried to re-ignite my failed pushup challenge completing 3x21 on Thursday. Nothing since then tho, going to start this again o Jan 1st as I cant seem to find the motivation at the moment.

The snow has started to melt but it is still forecast to be bloody cold so looks like the next few weeks (hopefully not months) will be indoors on the trainer and treadmill. Someone once said winter miles = summer smiles, have to keep reminding myself of this !