Winter Training

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Hooray... the snow is gone! Boo... the rain is here. It has been a very very wet week over the last 7 days and this meant lots of mud. I am fully into the swing of my "Don Fink Ironfit" base training program now and loving every minute of it - well nearly every minute. Reading other peoples blogs from overseas and talking to friends that are still lucky enough to live abroad does make me yearn for sunshine and dry roads to train on but there is something that is still quite charming about good old Blighty ! what that is I can't quite put my finger on but every now and then you catch a glimpse of some stunning countryside around England.

I announced my Just Giving page this week and was overwhelmed to see a great response within the first few hours of my mailshot. I have already achieved over 20% of my target but there is still a long way to go. So to anyone reading this as a result of hearing about my plight - I urge you to sponsor me for this madness. All the money raised will go directly to the British Red Cross as I have paid all my own entry fees, accom, etc and I can't tell you just how much of a good cause this is


This week was another 3x3km sessions with an emphasis on going long. I managed to hit 50:12 for a straight 3km swim which is a new PB but still just over my target of sub 50. Finally though my times are heading the right way so I hope to knock those 12 seconds off in the next few weeks.


It was back to the turbo this week for some more mind numbing sessions, 2 x 1 hour sets with a combo of hills and intervals. I did manage to get out on Saturday for a long ride which went surprisingly well and I felt better than I have done for a few weeks although it took nearly as long as I cycled as it did to clean my bike.


The distance is stepping up now and I ran a total of 41km this week - mostly outside. My legs are feeling the strain and it may be time to invest in some new trainers as I am starting to get a few niggles in my knees and ankles.

I have restrained myself from entering any more events for now but it seems that everyone has announced their new schedules, and with the popularity of triathlon growing there is such a great choice of events out there. I don't want to go too hard before France but after may be a different story and Challenge Henley may be an option at the end of September... now just to convince Camilla it is a good idea !!

This weeks pic is the gloomy scene I cycled through on Saturday