Highs and Lows

2 min read

Well it wasn't all bad this week, it only ended with the low after what had been a really positive start. I am starting to see a pattern with my training that a PB or a perfect day of training is often followed with a period of illness of sluggish training. I remember reading somewhere that it is the bodies way of getting ready to fight illness. It uses all it's energy to make its self stronger in preparation to attack the bug or virus that is about to make you ill. This time just before I get ill seems to be when I perform to my best ability, largely paying the price just after.

So I ended this week with a nasty stomach bug that forced me to stay within close proximity of a toilet for most of the weekend. I changed my planned Saturday's "long bike" session for a 2 hour turbo session which was just as dull as I anticipated. I kept myself going by watching Mesrine: Public Enemy No.1 - a sort of French equivalent to Scarface. The first part was much better, but this gritty gangster movie just about kept me spinning thought the 50km ride.

Overall I still managed to get around 10 hours of training this week and feel like my body is definitely adapting to this larger volume of training on a regular basis. Hopefully this bug is just a short term thing as I am defiantly not eating properly and that will certainly catch up writhe me in the next few days.


Three 3km swim session this week and a personal best of 6:05 for a 400m swim. I wouldn't normally push so hard for that distance by with the #winterswim challenge it has been interesting to see how my training has progressed my fitness.


Just over 100km all on the turbo trainer, winter seems to really be dragging and summer can not come soon enough !


The aim this week was distance and volume, my shortest run was an hour over 12.6km. Running over 10km is certainly getting more comfortable, although I defiantly feel like I am loosing some of the pace I worked hard on last year. Overall banked 42km this week.

Next weeks training is a planned a little easier as the last 3 weeks I have been increasing volume slightly. looking forward to easing off a bit in the final stages of the base phase and then hitting the build phase hard.