Recovery week - allegedly

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According to my trusty training plan, this week (week 12), was a 'recovery week'. Still managing to cover 9km in the pool, 142km on the bike, and 45km running it felt like a pretty solid training week. However in comparison to the previous 3 weeks it was a little easier and the theory is that it allows my body to absorb and adapt to the training over the last month. With that in mind it has been a fairly uneventful week and I dont have much to write,  as I have been 'taking it easy'. Only 125 days until race day.


3x3km of swimming this week. I did another 3km time trial and recorded a time of 50min flat. Bit annoyed to have lost a bit of pace from my last attempt but still happy with being around the 50min mark.


This weeks long ride was proper wet. It was raining when I started, it got worse as I cycled and was still going when I got home to start my short run off the bike. The snow may be gone now but it looks like we still have some crap weather to come until it's t-shirt time.


Running at 14km/h pace in the treadmill now, but still quicker on the road. Didn't push too hard but still getting a few twinges in my knees. I say it too often but never do it, 'stretch more!'