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I am actually glad this week is over, the step up in volume and introduction of bricks training has proven to be quite a leap. Combining short runs off the bike has increased my weekly run volume by around 10km and also meant I have had to put a little bit more planning into my regular sessions. I'm sure I'll have this in the routine in a few weeks time but for now it has been a steep learning curve.

I am over my cold from last week though and that has definitely helped with how I have felt during my training sessions. Despite the continued crappy weather (rain not snow) I have managed to complete all my planned sessions and actually surprised myself with a couple of good performances this week.


Back to 3x3km swims, a mixture of speed and endurance I submitted a 24:15 for a 1500m swim in the winterswim challenge. I think I could have knocked a bit more off that time if I really pushed it but I was feeling good at the end and that is where my focus is right now.


I repeated my long ride from last week but this time without the wind and with much more focus ! The result was 10 minutes quicker than last time and I was holding back a little with the aim of a short run off the bike. Still haven't been past 3 hours on this bike so not really sure how I will hold up on longer rides but so far so good.


Felt better this week, kept good pace on all my runs apart from the long one today (sunday) which I put that down to the hideous weather. I have started adding in short sprints at the end of my run sessions now to get my legs used to speed again. Long run is still only at 18-19 km, I really want to go further but am holding back as I don't want to over do it just yet - still got 18 weeks till France.

A good quote I read this week,

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit — Aristotle