Even more snow!

2 min read

Minus 9! That is what my car told me this morning on the way to work. I can't believe just how cold it is getting, I had hoped that we had seen the last of the snow but it looks like it is back with a vengeance!

It is a British thing to be obsessed by weather but since taking up triathlon , well cycling, I have become consumed by it. Swimming can be done in a pool and running, although not so much fun can be done in all types of weather, but cycling in ice or snow is a non-starter. So it was back to the turbo this week for some more mind numbing kms!


Some good sessions this week , I nailed a 1:21 for 100m and the winterswim league - that is a PB for me! I did a 14x100m main set on Friday too and held an average pace at 1:30.


Managed just over 4 hours on the turbo this week. 2 x1 hour sessions and a 2 hour "long ride" with a movie. Started looking at my bike position too - trying to get a little more forward/aero on thew bike to allow my body to adjust before I start the long rides in spring.


Only managed 1 outdoor run this week of 12km. I opted to do my "long run" on a treadmill as I had to do this early on Sunday and couldn't face the snow for 19km. Having said that 19km on a treadmill is a mental struggle that I hope I dont have to repeat too often !

It is the shortest day on the 22nd December - this is the turning point, days will start getting longer again and hopefully warmer and I can't wait ! I am really looking forward to next year and getting to the start of my first Ironman event. I still have a very long way to go but 3 weeks into the training and I am full of enthusiasm.