Happy Christmas

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What a week! Another Christmas done and dusted. I Ate way too much and did far too little training this week, but it has to be done! With 6 months to go the diet officially starts from now and hopefully next time I weigh myself I will be heading in the right direction.

This is always a tough time of the year for me as I remember the tragic events of the 2004 tsunami. I was so lucky not to be injured or killed during that time, but many more people were not so lucky. I will always remember my time in Thailand with great happiness and will never forget those friends that didn't make it. On my journey to Ironman France I am aiming to raise £500 for the British Red Cross who were so amazing in getting aid to the right places right from the start of the disaster, you can sponsor me by following this link and find out more about this cause.


I did achieve 3x3km sessions this week despite the weather nearly bringing it to a standstill. The pool remanned open but I was one of only 3 people that seemed to be crazy enough to visit. I included a straight 3km swim this week and recorded a 50:32, this is my best time in over a month so feel like I am making some progress! I was lucky enough to get a swim analysis session too for xmas so I hope to knock another minute or two off this before the big day.


Long ride was scheduled for Christmas day, and No I did not make it out!! Although I have been very strict about maintaining my plan no matter what is happening I thought training on xmas day would have been a really bad move with the family. So this week was a little short with just 2 hours clicked up on the turbo. I have bought a Forward Facing seat post tho and am playing around with my bike position, seems like a more powerful position but not tested it outside yet or on a long ride.


Kept with all 3 sessions, although very very cold outside and icy. I am blaming the snow and ice for my slightly slower times than usual but it was so much better to be running outside instead of the running machine. Still seem to be getting right knee pain from my trail shoes so might just have to bin them. The extra grip is good but not at the expense of injury.

So my weight... not too bad considering the festive season !

  • Weight : 81.8kgs (+ 0.3kgs)
  • BMI : 24.7 (+ 0.1)
  • Fat: 18.9% (+ 1.3%)
  • Muscle: 39.8% (- 0.7%)

All heading the wrong way so that can only mean next time the numbers will look better - I hope ! Getting back on it this week with more structure and routine and no more chocolate.