Getting to the start line

2 min read

I sometimes forget just how lucky I am to be on this amazing journey. Training has been nuts the last few weeks and all too often I have found myself resenting entering this event. But when I actually stop and think about the amazing adventures triathlon has given me over the last few years I realise just how lucky I am to have done what I have done and to be on this journey to try and break my own goals. Even more important than all of that though is the incredible response I have received from so many friends and family on my justgiving page. All the money raised for this event will go directly to charity as I have paid my own entry, accommodation and travel for this event. I still have another month before I get to the start line, so if you are reading this and haven't sponsored me yet, please donate, even if it's just a pound.

So, with just 5 weeks to go I am starting to get a little paranoid about being under prepared. I am undeniably in the best shape of my life, those that know me well will know how much my lifestyle has changed, but I think no matter how much training you put in, or how well prepared you try to be, one will always question your own abilities, especially over a distance such as Ironman.

My guide to Ironman training has been the trusty Be Ironfit book by Don fink. I had been following the competitive plan religiously until the last few weeks when the volume crept into masochistic realms and I had to reconsider my goals. Bringing up a family, running a business and trying to remain married are certainly not conducive to the competitive plan so I decided to tone it down a little to the more reasonable intermediate plan. This still calls for some unruly long sessions but I am still married (just) so it seems to have been a good call.

Over the last week I have managed to get a 4km open water swim in with a couple of pool sessions. Cycling went really well and I found that I could actually walk after my long ride (170km) so there is hope yet for running the marathon. But annoyingly my run sessions were a little off this week and I didn't manage much at all. I was even defeated on my long run and had to walk home after 17km, that is the first time that has happened for a long time.

So 5 more weeks till the start, 2 more weeks of hard training and only 5 days until another 100 mile bike ride! Bring it on.