Allied Irish Bank (AIB)


Whilst working as a Senior Consultant at ThoughtWorks I was part of a team that partnered with AIB to develop a solution centred around mobile banking. With customers at the heart of everything they do, Allied Irish Bank (AIB) wanted to create a retail banking solution focused on their customers’ needs.

AIB Apply and Apps Mobile App

Improving the Loan Application Process

We conducted several usability testing sessions in branch with prototypes of the new loan application gathering invaluable insights and feedback from users. These sessions played a crucial role in identifying friction points, uncovering opportunities for improvement, and ultimately, refining the user experience.

Throughout the usability testing sessions, participants were asked to complete a series of tasks, ranging from initiating a loan application to uploading necessary documents and submitting the application for review. This exercise helped identify areas where users encountered difficulties, leading to the implementation of strategic design changes, such as simplifying navigation, experimenting with different form elements, incorporating inline validation, and providing clear instructions for document submission.

iterations on the UI

Post-optimization user testing demonstrated a significant reduction in task completion time and an increase in overall user satisfaction.

AIB - Transforming Retail Banking with a mobile app

ThoughtWorks produced this outstanding video talking about the project.